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The First Principles of Business Law eStudy modules will help you learn and understand the law.

There is an eStudy module for each major topic of a standard level 1 Business Law course. 
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Each module starts with a title screen.  This one is from the module "Making a contract".


The contents of the module are shown on the left of the screen.  You navigate through the module by clicking on the list of contents to go to each section.  


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The modules are interactive.  There are examples, questions and diagrams to help you think about and understand the law and how it applies in particular situations. 



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You get feedback as soon as you answer questions.  

The feedback explains the things to need to know about the law and how it works.

Where appropriate, there are hyperlinks to illustrative case summaries and relevant legislation.


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          You can work through the modules at your own speed, without being hurried.

         You can revise the examples as often as you like until you have understood and learned what you need to know.

         Try going through the modules with a friend and discussing the examples and feedback.



         Hundreds of realistic examples are used to illustrate how and when particular legal rules apply.

         The explanations of the law are concise and clear .

         There are over 200 summaries of decided cases, each linked to the relevant examples.

         Selected legislative provisions are provided, linked to relevant examples.

         There are helpful tables, indexes, outlines and diagrams .



Used with the FPBL textbook, the eStudy modules together provide an effective blend of educational technologies to assist learning.


You can purchase the FPBL textbook (which includes a licence for the eStudy modules) from CCH Australia